Sunday, March 13, 2011

Online Photo Sharing

Online Photo Sharing:
I might use the one of the online photo sharing websites to help my students study science and social studies since we do not have textbooks. I would use the core standards to help me decide what I should be teaching based on my grade level and then I could create lesson-using picture that would teach my students about that topic. I could label through out my picture important part of the picture or history of the picture or place.
After reading and listening to all of the ways to use photo sharing it has definitely peaked my interest.   I like the idea that you tag a photo by its location and then you could locate that place on a map for your students to get a bigger picture of where the place is located.  I know that I have used the web to talk about space and the space shuttle, but I had not thought about how much more I could bring to my students by using the photo sharing system.
Another idea is that I try and take many pictures of my class and everything that they do throughout the school year. I could use the program to make an on line scrapbook for parents to see what there child is doing in class or all of the fun activities that we are doing that the parents are not able to come for all of the time. The online photo sharing could be limited to parent viewing only with their child. I could write captions with each picture of what was being taught or the event that we where participating in.  The students could help in the wring process when we document our activity.. 
I know that they are many more ways that I could use photo sharing in my classroom, but this could be a good start. Photo sharing has great possibilities on how you could incorporate it in to the classroom. I will have to look into this process on how I would use this to help my students with their academic achievements. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Social Network Sites

Social Networking Sites:
  1. What was the target audience for this social networking site? was the first networking site. It was developed so that people     could reconnect with old and new friends by sending messages to each other.
  1. How long was the site in existence? The site was created in 1997 – 2000 when in shut down.
  2. Why was it popular? What was its demise?  It was popular. Millions of people set up profiles and had a few friends but they where not expand on the network like we are able to now. People did not have back then the network of friends that they are able to have now.
  3. Is/was there another competitor in the same market that was more popular?
When first started these was no other social networking site. 5 other ones came along during the time frame.  As the years have gone on with Social Networking sites they have become very popular and many people use them for lots of different ways of communicating. 
  1. Would you ever consider creating an account and using it?  I do use a Social Networking site. It took me a long time to try one. The one that I am using has been around since 2006 and I did not try it until 2010. I am not one who even uses it to its full potential, but I do enjoy keeping up with family and friends.
After reading this article I never new that there were so many different sites to choose from. I had no idea that Social Networking had been around for so long. I am not sure if I am ready to explore any of others ones, but I do know that I have a lot more options in the way I communicate then just through an email.

Classroom 2.0 ning

 Steve Hargadon who developed classroom 2.0 Ning talks about” It turns out that you are especially dependent on early adopters for the success of the network” in his six points to consider.

I do feel that this point can be beneficial in the classroom. I see how you can really create with this network page. You are able to add lots of topic, blogs etc that will interest many people and that is what Mr. Hargadon talks about in his 6 points to consider. You need to make your network page friendly and appealing so that people will continue to post and come back for more ideas. This could be very beneficial for all teachers to look at and for great feed back. I also thought that the picture posting was great. To me this looked more like a blog and a networking page combined. 
The idea of getting other educators to contribute is what needs to be done when you are creating a network for educators. They need to share that great lesson that just worked or the do not try this with a 1st grader because this is what might happen.  Posting great pictures of field trip ideas that you can implement into a lesson is also great. 
The idea of early success in a network page I can see this as being a big bonus of making something work with these types of web pages.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Using WIkis in Classrooms and Online Courses

How might I incorporate a Wiki in my class?
I created a wiki based on the information that I am learning about on Smartboards. I have listed blogs, interactive web sites and media on how to use the Smartboard in your classroom. The interactive web sites that I listed in my wiki will allow my students to have access to many different hands on program that will work with our Smartboard or they will work with a mouse as long as you have the software needed to run the programs. 

What would the purpose be?
            The purpose of my wiki is to educate students about the use of the Smartboard in the classroom and all that it has to offer. The Smartboard can really bring your work to life. You have so many functional hands on tools that you do not have by just using your computer in class. This will give your students the chance to teach the class.

The content that my wiki might have?
Media videos that show how to use the Smartboard, websites that help give ideas on interactive activates or lessons that could be used in the classroom. I also could use blogs or other wikis that could give use new ideas on the software that runs the boards.

What would the expectations be of your students to contribute to the wiki?
I know that after looking at many different types of wiki’s,  I can see how I might be able to share them with my students. We could look at different wiki’s to help us understand a certain topic that might go with our next lesson or create wiki as a whole class based on a theme that we are learning at that time and my students could create it by using the knowledge that they have learned through out the lesson.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When’s Our Egypt Moment?
One of Richardson’s blogs talked about how our education should be changed.  He talks about how we need to grow in our school and we need to make major changes in how our children learn. He wants to change the “system that’s just not working anymore”. 
Richardson also pointed out that education wont change unless enough of the “people feel dissatisfied”.  He also commented on how he felt that parents would not take their child out of the school that they have reservations about unless they had a better alternative that was safe, effective and convenient for them.
I really felt that he had some good points in this blog. Parents do want their children to receive a well-rounded and challenging education.  Parents will put their child is school that are the best if there is one around for them to enroll there child in. Other parents will say that they want a better education at their existing school but they will continue at allow their child to attend that school.  Schools do need to make changes but they need the funding and the qualified teachers to make this happen.

“Online Learning” Isn’t “Learning Online.”
Comments such as I can work ahead, instant response from the teacher, personalized support when I need it. Are some of the points presented in his blog that a school in Utah pointed out of why that like online learning.  Richardson’s blog shares that learning online is not just about finishing a course or answering questions it should be “about finding our own path through the materials”. He also stated that you need to make the most of your.
I feel that online is what you make of it. I know that it is hard for many people these days to go to class and hold down a job so they do need the online courses to further their education. This is where people need to grow and expand their knowledge of what they have learned either by a face-to-face class or an online course. As it was stated it is what you make of it and how you want to look at it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Philosophy of Education:
My philosophy has changed since I began teaching.  With NCLB and the development of Core teaching standards teaching styles, I have been redirected.   I used to feel that teaching should be creative and fun for all; that children should learn through creativity that learning had to be enjoyable.  With NCLB it has been very difficult for me to follow my feelings. I spend most of my days trying to make sure I have covered the requirements to be meet by the end of the school year.  The philosophy of education has become to teach to the standards and try to add some creativity in how you present the lesson to your students.  Students still need to have hands- on, minds –on learning activities to be successful in the classroom. Helping a child grow and meeting every need of all students is a key to our success as teachers.
Children today need to be taught how to have manners we instruct them on good character, grooming, cleaning up after themselves, and how to eat right. In addition they still need to be taught Reading, Writing, and Math. I know that for myself this is just the beginning.  I know that we as teachers will have more than just standards to teach each year. For many of these students school is the only constant routine in their lives. We also have to keep our students safe. For some of our students school is their safe environment.
      I believe that education is very important. Our children are our world’s future leaders and we as educators need to make sure that they have all of the knowledge and tools to succeed in life.  My belief in the reality of teaching is to follow the standards for my grade level and to make sure that my children do not fall behind.  
Knowledge can be defined as what you know and what you have learned. Knowledge is what you know and what you are able to pass on to someone else. Learning is what you are going to acquire from someone else that you did not know before.
I also feel very strongly about parent involvement. I feel that parents should be a part of the classroom. I have an open door policy in my classroom. I want my parents to know that they are welcome, and I want to make sure that we have great communication about their child’s growth in my classroom during the school year. My students are everything to me, and my goal is to make sure all of my students are as successful as possible during their schooling years.

Saturday, February 5, 2011